Accessibility of the system

As far as accessibility is concerned, this is a difficult matter indeed… If a major artery is affected, the bleeding that ensues is very rapid and quickly leads to shock and then death due to blood loss. Then again, distributing a massive number of SAFE-POINT boxes on site would be rather inefficient and would not guarantee success either. Thus, it is obvious to follow the logic and the definition of the potential risks regarding the injuries that can occur.

The system is therefore designed to cover, as much as possible, all situations that can occur on site. For the types of work involving extreme risks (e.g. injury with a massive bleeding when working with a chainsaw) a CAT® tourniquet is the required part of working equipment. For activities where the risk is not so high the limit is defined as 3–4 minutes – which means approximately 10 floors or 350 metres. A minimum of one SAFE-POINT is installed in every facility.

The SAFE-POINT contents are stored in a protective box with hardened glass. If necessary, a mallet to break the glass is available.